• St. Stephen's Chapel by Elena Kotina. St. Stephen's Chapel, Parnell.

Art in a Day is a fun, social and challenging event for artists from all walks of life, working in a wide range of media and styles.

The inaugural event was held in 2015, with over 80 artists pre-registered to take part. In the first year, artists were permitted to paint wherever they wished, as long as they captured something of the essence of Parnell, Grafton or Newmarket in their work.

In 2016 and 2017, specific locations were selected for artists to paint and draw in. For those who had never created works in public places before, this was a real – and exciting! – challenge.

Artists from all over Auckland have taken part, with some people even travelling from other regions to participate.

Our vision is to showcase the amazing diversity of our inner city neighbourhoods, and help support our creative communities.